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Look deep into life, and you will
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Student Programs

Programs for the beginners into Mukti Yoga, to find what you are and have a deeper understanding

Teacher Programs

Programs for who already have been practicing Yoga and want to teach to others.

Social Programs

Programs for everyone for the betterment of the society and Healthy living.

“Mukti Yoga is an organization to help people find their liberation through ancient yoga practices ”

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Mukti Yoga


Why Mukti Yoga

The inner freedom and liberation  is the key to ultimate bliss. There  is the greater potential for humans to attain Moksha liberation from the karmic cycles. The life as we see full of sorrows , sufferings and happiness are illusions of what we are struck with. When one perceives the universal consciousness Partmatman all the illusions will disappear.


Feel free to ask, we are glad to assist you in your inner journey