Student Programs

Seekers who wants to attain Mukti are initiated by Guru ji , then they have been put under various yogic practices. Programs are specifically designed as per the student requirements and needs. Will be closely guided by Guru Ji and Acharyas (Teachers).

Teacher Programs

Teacher is called 'Acharya' in Sanskrit language. An Acharya guides the students as per the orders by Guru ji. To become a Teacher of Mukti Yoga one has to be a student practitioner of Mukti Yoga under the Guru. When one accomplish the right knowledge Guru will initiate that person to a Teacher to serve the students. Guru will guide the teachers on their every step towards teaching journey and provide with full of support and positivity. In Mukti Yoga one can not become a teacher just by completing several hours of training or paying some fees or by getting certificate. It's when the student ( shishya) is ready to teach other students and when Guru decides, Guru will initiate person into 'Acharya' then the Teacher is born.

Social Programs

Mukti Yoga Social programs are Group programs , These programs are various practices to enhance wellbeing of people. Social programs are guided by Guru ji along with teachers. Participants are advised and given clear instructions as per the Program they are doing.


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Mukti Yoga is not a style in fact it is the yoga of ancient wisdom. Mukti is the purpose of life and doing yoga. Mukti yoga involves the all ancient yogic practices which liberated many sages and made them to attain Mukti.

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Once you become the MuktiYoga community member you can be part of various programs being assigned to you. You will be guided accordingly.

Yes there are different programs for Students who want to learn yoga, Teachers who want to teach yoga, and  for social groups various yoga programs for wellbeing.

You need to first contact your assigned Yoga Acharya ( Yoga Teacher), If your Teacher is unavailable you need to contact the Emergency care team immediately.